Deposit Guide:

Please follow the deposit guide below  when making your payment for your deposit.  In regards to CUSTOM orders, if your order is needed in less than 2 weeks, please be advised a $25 rush fee will be added to your order.  If your order is needed within 1 week or less, a $50 rush fee will be added to your order, NO EXCEPTIONS.

If your order total is:                             Deposit required:

$100 or less                                                      $40 deposit

$101-$150                                                         $50 deposit

$151-$250                                                         $75 deposit
$251-$350                                                         $125 deposit

$351-$450                                                         $175 deposit

$451-$550                                                         $200 deposit

Any order more than $550.00 will require a 40% deposit.  To calculate take the amount of the order and multiply it by 0.40 (Example, if your order is $625.00, calculate like this; $625.00 x 0.40= $250, therefore the deposit amount required to secure your order would be $250.00)

Orders are ONLY secured once your deposit is received.  We advise all clients to secure their order as soon as possible to ensure availability.  Please click the link to pay your deposit now.