*Some prices are listed as Starting Prices and are Subject to Change*

Specialty Flavor Cakes: $60 (2 Layer) or $75 (3 Layers)

Pound (Bundt) Cakes: $50

Rum Cakes: $85

Cookies: $ 12 per dozen Minimum order, 2 dozen

Brownies: $36 per dozen(regular)  $48 per dozen(specialty).  Minimum order, 1 dozen


(feeds 10-15) 8" Medium: $50 

(feeds 15-20) 10"Large: $65
Specialty cheesecake flavors add $10

Pies (Sweet Potato, Apple, Pecan, Banana Pudding): $15 each

Banana or Bread Pudding, Peach Cobbler: Small: $45, Medium: $65. Large: $80


Your cake ingredient costs are minimal, time and design variations are the most costly factors in determining the final price of your Wedding and Groom's Cake(s). This is why we highly recommend setting up a consultation. Price of consultation is $20.00 which last 1 hour any may be booked for 2 guest, additional guest may attend at a rate of $10 per guest.  However, if wedding cake is booked at the time of consultation, the consultation fee (not including additional guest fees) will count towards the final price of the cake.  Bookings are made on a first come, first pay basis. Your date is not be reserved until we have received a deposit from you.

There is a 40%  non-refundable deposit required to reserve your date. This deposit will be applied to the final cost of your wedding cake. Payment in full is required 48 hrs. before your event unless someone will be at the venue to render payment in full at the agreed delivery time. Final deposit amount depends on the total amount of your wedding cake contract.  

A $50.00 delivery and setup fee will be charged on all wedding cakes within a 5 mile radius of The Sweet Spot, additional miles will be billed at $1.00 per mile (one way).

2D FONDANT CAKE PRICES:  2D Cakes Fondant covered prices Start at $5.25 per serving with a minimum order of 25 servings.


GROOMS CAKE PRICES:  A Grooms cake can range from a simple sheet cake up to an elaborate sculpted cake. A price can only be given once a design has been decided upon.



1/4 Sheet Cake (Feeds up to 25) start at $55.00

1/2 Sheet Cake (Feeds up to 50) start at $80.00

Full Sheet Cake (Feeds up to 100) start at $150.00

Note: Add $20.00 for an edible image on sheet cakes.



3D Cakes Prices: Start at $10.00 per serving with a minimum order of 30 servings. These are hand carved and sculpted cakes, there is no pan available.

CUSTOM COOKIES: Custom sugar cookie prices start at: $72.00 per dozen with a minimum of one dozen ordered. Hundreds of designs available.

GIANT CUPCAKE CAKE : Custom Giant cupcake prices start at: $75.00 each and feed 10 servings.

CUSTOM CUPCAKES :  STANDARD SIZED cupcake prices are as follows:
Plain iced vanilla start at:  $25.00 per dozen Minimum order 1 dozen. Regular Cupcakes

Specialty flavored cupcakes start at: $28.00 per dozen. Minimum order 1 Dozen.


Alcohol Infused Cupcakes: $48.00 per dozen (pipettes with alcohol shots add $12 per dozen)

Custom designed cupcakes with fondant toppers prices start at: $60.00 per dozen Minimum order 1 dozen.
MINI SIZED Cupcakes prices are as follows:
Mini Vanilla plain iced prices start at: $14.00 per dozen. Minimum order 2 Dozen per flavor.

MINI Sized Specialty Cupcakes start at:  $18.00 per dozen.
Minimum order 2 dozen per flavor.



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